What can we offer you?


We are experts in the implementation of solutions for Hospitality, Retail and Market. From the taking of needs to the start-up, always by the customer's side.


We develop customized methodologies and trainings according to the needs of your team and the processes of your business.


TPV Ágora comes with dozens of integrations available for your business. We can also create integrated applications.


A team of expert consultants in TPV Ágora and cash management systems willing to work remotely or in person in each project.

Advanced Support

We know how TPV Ágora thoroughly and that is why we can offer exclusive and personalized support for each client.


What you need to manage your business and many more.

¿WHY TPV Ágora?

We are always in constant innovation · more than 30 years of experience backs us up.

Single payment or subscription, you choose · Specialists in all types of business ·

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10 Reasons to Use the Agora POS Software in Your Business


  1. You will have your business under control thanks to the ÁPora POS software. We are already thousands of establishments and more and more!
  2. You will be able to offer a better service to your customers. Improve the sales process by speeding up operations, saving time and avoiding errors.
  3. The simplicity in managing your day to day has never been so easy.
  4. You will have perfect control of the box. (Avoid cash registers, counterfeit banknotes, petty thefts and the handling of banknotes and coins, easily and securely)
  5. With the MyÁgora app you can control your business from wherever you want and whenever you want. Try it here!
  6. Thanks to the integration with the CCTV camera system you will have the option to see what is happening in your business.
  7. With the Stock Control App you can manage the entry of goods, inventories and stock regulations with a mobile device. So easy!
  8. At Leitmotiv we have the best trained professionals who can advise you wherever you are.
  9. Because the TPV of Ágora is the TPV of the TPVs.

We adapt to your needs

From a Michelin-starred restaurant to the corner bar, a chain of shops or even neighborhood establishments.

It doesn’t matter what your business is like, the size, the employees you have or the monthly turnover. We adapt to what you need. We have the necessary experience to adapt Ágora POS to your needs.

Starting a business gives you a lot of headaches, so every application or technology is designed to be one more of your team.


Make the most of your business with Ágora! We are with you!

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